Welcome to Battle Creek Labs...

We are a small breeder located in north-central Montana whose goal it is to breed dogs with all the desired qualities of the traditional Labrador with the addition of natural pointing ability.

Labradors Retrievers have been America’s favorite breed for years with good reason.  Their sturdy build, sound temperament, along with a willingness to work and please their owner is what everyone wants in a companion and working animal. 

We believe combining these traits with the ability to point in the field make the perfect all-around dog.

Our bloodlines have shown themselves to be diverse working dogs having been used in the field as serious or casual hunters, service dogs, detection dogs and most importantly great companion animals for the individual or family.

Please look at Abby and Bella’s pedigrees along with those of the selected males we breed to.  You will find solid working lines with excellent health backgrounds.

Contact us via email or telephone with any questions you may have. 

We also encourage you to follow our current litter development and fun general posts on our Battle Creek Facebook page.

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